About Galanix team

Our mission is to bring marketing empathy to business through science-based IT products and AI.
Make customers fall in love with your brand.
Our unique approach - the ISM method* allows you to strengthen the quality of the project due to the intersection of specializations.
That's 15+ years of intensive experience of our team in critical areas:  Development/Programming + Science/Research/Industry Specialization + Marketing/Design/Behavioral Analytics.
* ISM (IT + Science + Marketing).
Offices: Poland, Ukraine, Estonia and Sweden.
We work in accordance with international quality standards, have a certified team members and work in accordance with GDPR standards.
A team of 30 people and 15+ years of industry experience.
Why our team?
- Hyper friendly communication with clients. The manner of communication is the basis for creating a good and effective projects!
- Ease of use for customers and deep dive for our technical involvement (project architecture, enhancements, next stage expansion)
- Authors of uTrigg - a unique business solution that increases website conversion by 30%+ using unique emotion AI technology.
- Marketing and business consulting (positioning, branding, content, UI/UX and business canvas). "Get the result" approach.
Why our company?
- working out the technical architecture of your business model.
- Own product business solutions (Product Company).
- Scientific approach (Data Science & Business analytics), which creates depth to our projects.
We are trusted and recommended by:
- Domestic and foreign companies (Great Britain, Sweden, Poland, Czech Republic, Netherlands, USA, Ukraine, Spain, Italy, etc.);
- State institutions:
- Startups (Seed та pre-Seed stages, A and B rounds).
Our contacts:
e-mail: info@galanix.com
phone number: +38066-227-9-829, +38093-652-16-32.
Ready to help you with a next loop of growth with innovative marketing tactics!