About Galanix team

Our mission - to bring an empathy in marketing to businesses via IT products with scientific and AI approach.
Representative offices are located in Poland, Ukraine and Estonia. Therefore, we work according to international quality standards with certified software engeneers in-house development team and according to GDPR standards.
A team of 20 people, working for 10+ years, professional experience in the industry for 15+ years.
Why our team?
 - Hyper friendly communication with customers. As manner of communication is a core to make a good and long-lasting project
 - Easy for customers and deep dive for us technical involvement (architecture of the project, enhancement, next stage expansions)
 - Authors of unique product business solutions (Product Company for raising converion with emotion AI technology: uTrigg).
Scientific approach (Data Science & Business Analytics), which creates budget and time optimization for clients projects
 - Marketing and business consultation (positioning, branding, content, UI/UX and business canvas). "Take and get results" approach.
We are trusted and recommended by:
- domestic and foreign companies (UK, Sweden, Poland, Czech Republic, Netherlands, USA, Ukraine, Spain, Italy, etc.);
- Governmental institutions:
- Startups (early stage, A and B round).
Our contacts:
e-mail: info@galanix.com
+38066-227-9-829, +38093-652-16-32.
We will be glad to talk with you about the inspired project, which you would start soon!