Life Sciences

Software development for bio-, chem- and pharmaceutal spheres implemented by scientiest and software engineer experts. Our team consists of scientists with business & marketing tasks in mind.
Life Sciences

Data Science

Bring science techniques to your business. Make more profit with insight from AI, ML, NLP, neuronetworks, Big Data, сhat bots and data visualization.
Data Science

Enterprise & industries

Digitalisation of your business and manufactural processes even with complicated business logic. Building powerful and safeguard soft to bring your business on international market.
Enterprise & industries


Web development for leveraging your business with scientific methods. No matter whether you are on MVP stage or an unicorn already, our team will bring you benefit of moving faster.

Our recent works

Client projects are enriched while working with our team. You will be ahead of plans for the development of your the company.

Our team consistently brings new "chips" in the client`s marketing business strategy, the business model and the interaction with your customers.

We use the latest tools, that were tested in our IT labs.

Drive your project as our own.

Why we are interesting?

Once acquainted with our team, you will understand the value of partnership with us:

  • passion for the technologies,
  • a deep involvement in the design,
  • easiness of communication.


Startup development
A range of startups are already funded. Our contribution to the approach of development process has been highly evaluationed by foreign funds.
Custom business systems
We have created a number of systems over the years in the following directions: 1) online cultural projects; 2) object / time management , 3) booking system, 4) online journals, 5) educational platforms and others.
Inspired by complicated
We solve multifunctional and complex tasks. If automatization of your business processes seems impossible! And the use of routine human labor is not financially justified. Such a task is just for us!
New technology in our IT labs
Our team is constantly improving skills by implementing the power of particular new technology in our IT labs. Thu,s we got acquainted with it and can recommend for the certain functionality along the project.
Scale your business model
We help with the definition of a business model. Provide recommendations with tools for correct positioning in various markets for exponential business development.
Marketing for the expansion
Marketing strategy and tactics for the expansion project. Integrating online and offline. Point out the strengths and weaknesses of existing business processes. Improve qualitative and quantitative indicators (KPI).
Brainstorming for content
We generate ideas for content that sticks for revival and dynamic development of the new stage of your enhanced business.
Technical support
We help with technical issues, as well as moral ones. After all, the mood of you and your employees towards the project is important for us! There are own methods for optimizing processes.
Every day, our team raises the level of qualification in order to become even more effective in their work.
Our mission - to create empathy in the market between companies and end customers.
Our drive - co-create environmental projects.
The authors of their own unique technology (AI), which allows to grasp an emotional and behavioral mood of customers (details on uTrigg) to personalize marketing and increase sales through online business channels.
That is why each of our clients, when expanding their business, turns to us again or recommends them to their friends and partners!
Don't wait for your business to grow - take a step towards opportunities!

Do you have a complex project, that can be implemented with scientific approach (ISM)?

The mechanism of your project launch depends on the level of involvement of the development team. The bigger understanding of the subject area, the greater the success of the project.

Our team is one of the first in Ukraine that bases the developing process on ISM methodology:


  • Total immersion in the subject area of your business
  • The researchers of the team (with foreign experience), PhD and post-graduates


  • Defining the business model (best foreign practice).
  • Elaboration of marketing objectives, segmentation and selection of TA promotion tools.


  • Selection of a set of technologies for current challenges and future strategy of the company
  • Working through those. architecture design, interface design of a business problem
  • Maintenance and expansion of the project

Our services

Our main difference - science approach to the development of each project. Create projects with ISM methods - mixture of precise scientific methods (Science), Marketing (Marketing), and chosen IT tools for the task (IT).
E-commerce / CRM / Websites
Development of stable e-commerce platform, corporate web sites. Focus on high performance of websites and business tasks implementations.
Landing and Promo pages
Effective pages that are aimed to increase sales. Our team helps to pick up the tools for segmentation of your TA and getting new customers.
Design / brand-book
Create a visual representation of your corporate identity, present your characteristic feature for customers.
IT outsourcing
Work in europian standarts . Ready to form dedicated teams for your project by our experts.
Effective front end
Exciting effects that grasp the attention of users who remembered your project among the competitors.
Strong back end
Reliable custom solutions based on CMS Drupal-7, Drupal-8 / Symfony / php / WordPress, modules development and unique functionality creation.
Mobile Apps
Mobile applications (marketing research and development) for the client's business niche.
Business & Web Analysis
Business model formation for solving the business objectives, a design of the hypothesis, testing performance and forecasting business KPIs.
Infographics and Visualization
Solving problems via interactive explanations (D3), user`s minds implantation into the world of corporate values. Visual reports on the state of online activities.

We are pleasant to realize projects that carry a great mission, bring satisfaction to your customers, make life easier and happier.

We are encouraged by the victory of our clients and their partners.

Our team is ready to accept a new challenge, if you haven`t found technically brave one yet.

We cover with all necessary specialists for the project

Our IT company integrates the best practices of web studios and the best of the IT segment. We implement complex tasks in tasks among the IT project:

  •     Business Analyst (online, offline)
  •     Business model (business issues formation and interactions)
  •     Marketing Strategy / Tactics
  •     Development of high and medium loaded web sites (technical architecture formation)
  •     Setting up the development process by using CI WorkFlow and such tools: Docker, Jenkins, Git, BitBucket and others.
  •     Project Management in Agile / Scrum and tools: Jira and others.
  •     Using the latest trends in the tuning DevOps for projects
  •     Testing of functionalily / Debugging
  •     Performance Testing
  •     Promotion according to the marketing tactics
  •     Support for updated business needs.
Our clients

 Our inspiration arr complex tasks of our clients and their projects at each stage development process.

SkillToys, Lonpos
Logic toys, Sweden
Pharmaceutical company
Rent network
Smart Mebel
Furniture manufacturer
Manufacturer of fire safely equipment
Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv
Education, Science
Milana Step
Shoe boutiques
Estet Center by Doctor Borodko
Cosmetology Clinic and Surgery Center
Online journal
Manufacturer of decor soap
Express delivery company

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The range of technologies - our everything.

We are constantly increasing our arsenal of tools which helps produce highly qualified projects.


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