3d game platform Hover

IT development unique online festival hover
Department of Ministry of Youth (a public institution) aims to share their brand mission of fostering children movement events in COVID-2019 times. They separate a team and make a small unit to support the main goal. The core marketing tool of such innovative change of the Ministry became new reBranding and development of the HOVER platform. This gamification center between children and their parents became a game changer to feel a real offline festival experience from online platform during Covid frustration times.
A marketing research was done prior the design, after design UI/UX and each 3D element (as it needs to be low-poligon for browser, but high quality for user to play). Game has a plenty locations (like, island due to festival history, which surrounded by river, people, tents etc.) and music stages (with real life broad casts of popular artists from the line-up of the fest), chat with artists and participants and even shop for buying souvenirs and separate children corner, where they can talk between each other (with admin pre-moderation in funny game format in order to validate that only children will be there).
Project status: 
Media, Retail, Entertainment

There is a story behind particular visual art. In pre-Covid times the event organizer made most of the event on islands within main cities of Ukraine. Thus, the island became a visual symbol to bring positive emotions for people.

Functionality of platform provide many possibilities for the best real-visitor experience:

  • broadcasting of musical artists;
  • Several music stages at once;
  • Artists line-up during a real-time festival for each of stage;
  • Fast food purchase during event;
  • Different roles of admins (to handle content and marketing materials);
  • Chat communication between visitors and organizer;
  • Press center  and more
Online platform for festival handling (covering Hybrid format of the event management).
Lineup and different Stages bring a more emerging experience to all visitors.
Video streaming platform, where visitors can watch life performance of their beloved musicians in real time format.
See the helicopter view of the whole place (zoom in and zoom out). It brings a deep interactivity for everyone.
Real time video streaming with chat with other participants and even Artists and Musicians.
Marketplace with eCommerce part give to visitors a truely uniqie and deeper experience from the festival. Users can buy Food, Drinks and other stuff.
Each of the elements (building, trees, people) were made by our artist from scratch, based on the main mission to bring atmospheric feelings to users and safe cultural events.
Educational pop-up for a guiding visitors in this gamified world for a better customer experience.
Visitors can finaly find their niche community, where they can chat with other, eat tasty food and have fun at the same platform. And they can make this journey without leaving their home or travel expenses.