Anti-Corruption Portal in Ukraine.

Fight with disinformation with informational resource
Misinformation and disinformation is crucial for building stable economy in the country. The fight need to be done by providing easy to use and transparent space for democracy to grow.
A big media holding gather a big network of journalists, who shared resources that can be checked with data. This project was supported by ukrainian government. Thus, about 5000 journalists were providing their reports about mis/disinformation about data. And it brings impact on 3 mln. people, that viewed this resource per 4 years.
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Map visualization of different misinformation and disinformation initial resources and their headquarters. Visitors can see data on the country level, as on the city level. Additionaly, they can filter those cases to see only misinformation, disinformation or both categories.
Separate section dedicated to journalists investigations in the format of real time show. So visitors get the biggest engagement and interest to see the final result. Only the most active readers (that leave comments) could know if some particular journalist case was about crucial crime of disinformation or if that was misinformation. And they get to know it exclusively and much earlier, than others.
FInal results of investigations can be seen as rating. Moreover, readers can join investigation in comments. If comments were relevant, so journalists could make some portion of investigation together with the reader. Such attitude helps to built healthy and inspired community around the topic of misinformation and disinformation.
In each case jounalists describe character so well, so people feel empathy and understand deeply every personality in their story. Nevertheless, professionalism of good story is to unleash a rotten bottom of any mis-/disinformation. Thus, the overview of each investigation was very detailed thought through to emphasize specific negative outcome of mis-/disinformation in every case.