Booking system developmet for

The main thing along the project was to form specific marketing prices for booking tourist products and build the whole business ecosystem around it. We need to help managers to work faster within each of rent points across the country.
Thanks to great implementation within a company the booking system reduced the time for the service managers on the rent points of sales and raised the quantity of clients during "hot periods". Mob App functionality helps to be in touch with the client along with the bike trip.
Project status: 
Wholesale (dealers), Retail

The client was excited to find our team and create his creative marketing idea of such custom system. We were pleased to cooperate with client`s team in order to build booking system.

Page of category where you can chose the byke/snow equipment, check availability in a range of rental point/ cities, check the price.
User can book the right one bike/ snowboard for himself and his friends.
Custom modules development provided to the system a wide possibilities in a functionality. Among the most important - booking calendar creation with permissions for rent points and their managers. The prototype was taken from the client old working instrument (Google sheets). New order addition to calendar happens by moving above the date on the calendar sheet.
In a pop-up window a detail information about booked item emerged.
Personal date information in an order. The system stores data in a secure environment in order to counteract the data abuse.