Conference website "Modern trends in an analytical chemistry"

The client wished to have the one-page site for the science international conference. Information should be precise and сapacious. The whole UI/UX stimulates to register for this particular conference. The complexity lying in competing for a conference at the same period.
We proposed to develop a resource with an accent on branding which target was to engage foreigns in visiting Kiev and the event. The accent was made on the convenience of online form subscription. As a result, not only 20 participants were registered, who were expected, but even 97 participants.
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The manner of UI/UX in design emphasizes the modern attitude within the science community.
Web-site represents a hot topic of niche conference, saturation by speeches and well-known speakers on it.

The visitors are enticed by university prospects, a wide range of new scientific contacts and other kiev sightseeings.
Each element with the resource was made to take into account scientists' specific preferences and patterns of behaviour.
On the register page, we demonstrate an awesome open mind attitude from conference organizers to the visitors. Each question separated into the logical blocks and person even can book the hotel in order to save his time.