Corporate bike events with high spped.

The company needed to create a separate business stream - bike corporate events and quests. That was quite necessary by the means of design claimed to the b2b clients.
The main project challenge for the client`s team was business model itself, because the most company projects previously were aimed on the b2c segment. Our team managed with untypical situation. We emphasized the main features for the visitor along the whole project. And such approach provide to the company additional source of profit.
Project type: 
Project status: 
Retail, Entertainment

In order to implement the task we propose to use Landing as a driving force of the bike campaign and some more inner pages as an addition. In such way we would like to demonstrate the diversity of each of bicycle competition.

Be careful! Can cause the addicted attitude from a first few seconds.

On the page with a bike event description there is a visualization and a statistics block on the first screen.
Along the same page of bike event depiction a range of extraordinarily qualitative photo & video materials places. That`s how the user can get an unique crazy driving experience.
The page with a list of corporate events on a fresh air. The format of presentation is worth worship. The vertical line is a symbol of long and healthy life and a horizontal lines are vivid events that adorn our lifestyle (as bike events, for the instance).
A classic view of news page. And still there is a place for the magic. The range of news that provide a totally new way of creative thinking and pushed a bike thematics on the market like a fresh one. Such company stimulates positive changes in a society and evoke a deep admire.
Landing on a wide screen with effective sale blocks. It fascinates by each phrase and visual element.