Creation of a portal for the introductory university campaign for entrants to Kyiv University (KNUTS)

web site for university entrants
We needed to prevent the impending threat of a sharp decrease of entrants quantity due to the emergence of a competing institute. The main peculierities of university has its long history of educating great scientists (it was founded in 1834) and R&D facilities. University need to grasp younger audience (from 0-12 years) in STEM in order to feel their students places in future!
We were based on the strengths of the faculty with an ancient history, powerful laboratory equipment and a qualified teaching staff. At the same time, we managed to convey the idea that it is important for parents, future freshmen and children to understand the bright prospects of their career choice. Make a STEM education great again! Thus, children and parents need to see a huge raising trend related to chemistry as profession and fantastic opportunities for career in the pharmaceutical industry and IT industry (like, Data Science). That`s why we made marketing research (500 data set) in order to get base line od understanding, which areas need to be told and more. The result came up very soon. We get information that growth of entrants quantity rise not even by 10% of the expected interest, but by 20%. And we leave the solid basement for children knowledge, that will raise students quantity in upcoming decade.
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The main for creating an idea of a concept was formation positive attitude to the faculty and the chemistry itself. We did that wilth a help of dynamic and fresh design and animations that grasp readers minds and provided information about the classical university as a strong basis for the development of the personality.
In order to explore the arguments that were important for 2-3 years students in past we suggestes to take an anonymous testing in a faculty along with online testing in a web.
It was crucial to find out their opinion why they have chosen this university and what universities and faculties they were considering.
This helped greatly to transform our hypotheses into practical advice for the target audience.

Also, a 3d model of the faculty yard between the buildings of the chemical faculty and laboratories were produced and realized by our team:


Industries in which our alumni works fairly often .
Worldwide presence of international cooperation that helps students explore the world and share their knowledge with a leading R&D in Europe and USA.
Vivid depiction of advantages that Kyiv national university has. Dynamical blocks (on hover) attract visitors and push them to read more (on click).
There is a slideshow in the footer of a website that is filled with a wise phrases of a great scientists. That was made to connect young people with an innovation area of science.
3d visualization of nice and colourful yard of chemical faculty and laboratory equipment (retro and modern one).
Demo of friendship of students and teachers whereas building new chemical faculity in 1960.
Section "Contacts" provide atmosphere of openness from a faculty administration.
The Days of Open Doors were held separately, the news of which is presented in the gallery on the website.
The main page view with thematic blocks for each of the internal issues that concern schoolchildren and their parents. Different storyboards with a future prosperous perspectives. That became an excellent help to parents for start communication with teachers on the event.