Dance studio website development for TotemDance school

The energetic and ideological leaders of the dance school, which was managed by professional dancers, needed the next round of company growth. Their students (children) have won a numerous of prizes as in Ukraine as well abroad. It was important to provide an online registration service for classes in order to parallel the junior, middle and senior groups. Automation of the school was just in time to stabilize growth, form a system and plan the opening of the next schools in all districts of Kyiv.
We have introduced spot changes for students to monitor attendance, rescheduling classes/time changes by school teachers and coordination between children and their parents. Formed the rebranding of the company for the foreign presentation of the school and participants in competitions. We added the functionality of the online store, so that students could buy goods for dance directly from quality suppliers (who were carefully selected by the organizers). The result was a 15% increase in students and a 35% increase in each student's LVT.
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Media, Entertainment