- сlinic of aesthetic medicine and cosmetic surgery

The client requested to form useful medical web-site for the clinic of the famous doctor. A lot of information should be provided into easy and exciting manner.
We created fully new web design with the new attitude of providing the information. We used infographics as an instrument of visualization. The new web-site stimulates the rise of requests from the web-site by 45%.
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Science, Services

Innovation on the site manifests itself from the first page.
Specially developed 3d model of women - is a categorizer on the web-site (that`s an addition to the classic one in the menu section).

Everyone can use this 3d model by just clicking on the part of a body and hence the visitor will be redirected to the chosen section.
According to our recommendation on the web-site of the clinic the section with high-quality photos of the operating room appeared.
Thanks to the patient's inquiries the web-site get the section with photos of hospital rooms in the clinic.
A unique form of subscription for the medical services: consultation, observation, manipulation or operation. The user can choose the right services for him and a time frame.
In a separate section patients can questions that disturb them. And for a while, the doctor can make answers within such specific field as plastic surgery.
A wide range of medical materials gave us a cue to provide one more vivid categoriser. Thus our team visualizes the four sections of materials.