Landing development. - LED lighting for corporate purposes

To present achievements of the company in a fascinated way. The company wishes to stand out from the competition by the means of creative approach. That uniqueness became the music lightning show that programmes by equipment (made in USA).
We chose tactis of block visualization for the purposes of each client task. We emphasize some blocks with the help of web-effects in order to stress on the innovativeness of the company.
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Animated garland under the menu emphasizes the holiday atmosphere.
When you scroll down a garland changes its shape, pointing the attention to the menu items.
A classical photo galleries view - only photos. It was decided to make in such a way a "Customer portfolio".
Unique photo gallery, taking into account the specificity of the LED light categories, photo and description for each of them. Such a format was used for "Customer services".
We presented project development by the means of concise infographics and step by step phases of interaction. It`s very important to know the working procedures for each of corporate client.
The advantages from working with the company and gainful promotional offer with a limited timer.