Online business instrument for delivery service PortoExpress

It was needed to develop a totally new corporate web-site with a tracking system. The complicated part was in delocalisation of company`s sales force. And that was a challenge to merge their reports within one system.
Our technical architector propose the format of web-application. That helps to form the common database for all inquiries from customers and reports from sales managers.
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After the competitors had been analyzed we chosen the most popular and needed functional part for the new service company.
In an addition, we managed with competitive features for the system.

On the main page, the information about the company services was presented in an enticing manner.
As soon as you need the urgent delivery service you can order it online and make an order within one page.
Inner page view.
Status of an order can be seen after insertion of the id-number. Only in such a way you can fix the time of your package arrival.
Calculation of the bulk weight of the package. That`s a Valuable function of the web-site as it saves a time of a manager and a customer.