Online educational system development

Author of 9 archetypes of "Ancient Slavonian" that is widely known psychologist worldwide. It was necessary to create a platform with an archive of video materials that have been accumulated over the years of practice from a specialist. That was crutial to involve the user in viewing the materials and encourage them to purchase paid access.
The system has ML algorithms base in order to form a series of video materials with various topics. Access to the video is provided only after paying for the subscription, but an anonymous user can view some of them in free mode (for the demo purposes).
Project status: 
Services, Entertainment

The market of education is growing at a rapid pace and users are hungry for new opportunities.

The ancient history of Ukraine is now extremely important. That is why such Authors of methods as Samishkina O.V. are revolutionary for the development of culture (the author's technique of initiations of the Ancient Slavs).

This system ensures a transfer of such deep knowledge. The system is developed with DataScience methods, a compound and useful tools of ML (machine learning) located under the hood.

You can analyze: at what minute a particular client "drop off", which parts within a course "attracts" a client the most, why do some videos are viewed more, why only some videos bring more profit?

The mechanics of making business decisions is built deep into the bowels of the system.

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System is similar to Coursera, Udasity, Udemy and other world leaders. The uniqueness is hidden in functionality, UI/UX and manner of presenting the author's course. The owner of this system can receive passive income from their intellectual property (IP).
Website visitor (course participant) can watch a number of videos for free, which are set by administrator in his personal account. Read the description of the video, read the reviews. And also refer to the dictionary of terms. Thus, education with new terms take place.
On the video introduction page there is a short, but comprehensive, video content within the course. The timing of the material and the level of access (in a paid or free account) are indicated.
The subscription for the end user is issued for a period, the price is set by the administrator (entrepreneur who purchased the system from us under a temporary license). The system administrator can choose how to provide access for your end users.
View of the page that was deleted by the administrator. You will never lose a user.
And, of course, it is extremely important for the user to learn about the coach, his merits and achievements. Do not hesitate to write more professional regalia of your most powerful weapon - your teaching staff.
You will find the description of courses in the system in many forms. And all of them are designed to involve the user in the world of your competence. For example, another course demonstration format is the Promo page. This is advertising inside your system.
The separate "Feedback" section is intended to help promote courses. Here, people can get an overview of all your courses. This is where the decision to purchase courses comes.
Type of the title page (landing page) - for the system. You don't need to separately spend energy/money/time on creating other solutions. Our system is the most powerful.