Online journal about Logistics and Transport Logist.FM

unique development
Client formed task for our team and it sounds like: "i would like to transform my paper journal into online platform". There was a huge necessity in company reorganization into digital format and make profit more.
We developed web-interface for online journal that include a range of different content types. As an additional product we made the Mob App in order to store data (for internal usage only).
Project status: 
Media, Retail


That was rather long but very interesting project with lots of logistics details.
Our team created journal web-interface with dynamic journal browsing (imitation of real physical life of paging process).

Several chosen and dynamic shown types of content on the main page of the system. Great result - new type of business model.
Online custom system for journals preview with panel control.
Subscriptions for the range of periods: 1 month, 6 months, 1 year. Online payment method integration.
This media holding has a formidable quantity of journal issues which they would like to monetize in online. Thus the system helps to gather all issues together and arrange them according to the year.
Draft version of Article type of content.
Confirmed type of content called "Article". Also it was added a range of the blocks: media photogallery, experts opinion, comments, author of the material, video and similar articles.