Pharmaceutical 3D visualization as a game for cosmetologists

3D visualization for cosmetologists
The task of the pharmaceutical company was to provide information to cosmetologists and doctors about the internal effect and mechanism of their drug. As in common pharma propose to doctors to read scientific articles together and regarding patients - only the doctor can conveys the whole information to them. Thus, medical representatives can conduct discussions and debates or suggest to a chosen doctor to speak at a medical conference. However, doctors do not have enough time for this anymore! That`s why it was necessary to rethink and provide a new interactive format of interaction between the company's marketers and cosmetologists. It is critical to involve cosmetologists, doctors, and patients (both b2b and b2c) in a deep understanding of the material.
Who said a design thinking doesn't save lives? First, a list of 3D visualizations of biological processes were created. However, the full-fledged gamified format had the greatest impact and effect on the audience. The doctor could literally "play the game" with his patients. And this served as an excellent explanation of the work of processes inside the body. The explanation on the fingers has already faded into the background after they feel a taste of a totally new CX (customer experience).

This 3D game serves as a best educational interactive material for patients.

Such a design saves lives much faster, because it have a power to explain a bit complex things to patients very fast and efectively via visually, interesting and clearly format.

Now doctors can enjoy their lives... at least with that segment of patients, whose deseases were visualized ;))