Redesign of product catalogue, Senko (2015-2016 & 2016-2017)

Need to renew the old product catalogue. Demonstrate company growth, leverage on manufacturing capabilities.
Cover design based on thematiс symbols - sound waves. The product categories are distinguished between each other by separate colours. Photo session was held in order to renew photos to the whole product range and make the catalogue in RGB. The effect don`t force us to wait long. Even the partners & competitors (participants of the exhibition) gave as feedback that Senko in developing its brand faster than ever.
Project type: 
Project status: 
Retail, Manufacture


Print catalogue creation for the company with renewable design. During the working process on the concept a lot of variants very negotiated. Finally the ideal one was found that aimed directly to the customer minds.

Preview of new catalogue cover (2015-2016 years).
Here how it looks like the old one.
Catalogue spread with new type of tables, bright products photos, comprehensive categories marks and tips about products on pages.
Inner page in the product catalogue.
Preview of old one. Isn`t it like the retro magazine?
Сatalogue 2015-2016
Catalogue update for 2016-2017