Senko - exhibition stand-up board design

Leaflet and brochure creation
It was in need to redesign exhibition stand according to the changes in product categories and their characteristics. We have to manage with unusual form with the advertising stand. Subtask - create a design for the leaflets that were distributed among the guests within the exhibition.
Was organised the new catagories, products and peculiarities. We added more "fresh air" to the design pattern. Also our team managed the process of communication with print companies (before the design and after to insure that everything is OK).
Project type: 
Project status: 
Retail, Manufacture

Stand form was quite creative but still force our designer to act in stright manner.
Nevertheless we`ve done the job and develop a perfect sample of the harmonic design.

3d model of the exhibition stand.
3d model of the stand with slight rotate.
Advertsing brochure with totaly new design with thematical elements in it.
Leaflet with information about the products and some technical peculiarities that were emphasized in a promo material.
Exhibition stand in real life.
Exhibition stand. View from above.
Materials that were sent to the printer companies.
Client and his team are happy with the result