Web service development for toys Lonpos

"How to Create a Product Presentation in online?" - was the first question from the client. Client have a strong necessity to transform it according to new marketing strategic plan. Online lonpos demo have to demonstrate more connection with physical world. The project have to engage visitors to share the game and encourage buy offline game. TА (target audience) - children from 3 years, parents. Pull out the inner questions and desires of the audience. The subtask was to expand the TA to - 12-18, 18-30 with the help of new range of products category. And make the automatic ordering process from Taiwan (R&D center and manufacturer of toys).
We have discussed the particular business model and propose the gamefication in content visualization. Such approach can provide much more interaction for user with the game and its advantages in improving soft skills.
Project status: 
Retail, Entertainment

Together with the client we have spent time by drawing structure of future project, making the block-shemes of objects and relationships between each of them (UML diagrammes).
That was important to us to understand precisely - "How the final consumer make decision about the purchase?".
Only after we mooved forward to build the technical architecture of the project.

Process of choosing products is on a hunch (customer behaviour approved that afterwards). Each step is intuitively, naturally bump the user the jump into the next page to explore more.
Easy to use interface helps convert more visitors into customers. The main core of Lonpos game in browser was taken from the Center for Youth Development and Science technology in Taiwan (R&D center).
The wide page view. The idea of design interface was taken from the Lonpos package in order to start intersection of the user the game as sooner as possible.